East coast native "Dieudonne Tshifunda" better know as "FL Loud" Born July 4th, 1993 in Brussels, Belgium, has been musically and artistically inclined since his early childhood. At the age of 13, FL discovered his unique Flow and lyrical style while in the east coast of Brooklyn, New York. Ironically, "FLO" ended being FL's first stage name until he moved to Dallas, TX in 2013. FL went on and dropped the "O" to his name, and began referring himself as FL.

In 2013, FL partnered up with producer and engineer "Ric Allen" out of Dallas TX. Together they formed a team called "Team L.O.U.D." which means Live Out Ur Dreams. With new connections FL released his debut single and video "Smoove" along with other songs such as "In My Zone" and "Let It Bump." 2015 FL connected with producer Audioh Who from Atlanta, Georgia creating 2 Hit Singles "Here It Go" and "Let Me" currently on his 2016 Album Dieudonné - "God Given". 

FL's sound attracts many audiences and music lovers of all genres to enjoy. His message, witty lyrics and "Smoove Talk" has been able to captivate the ears of true music and hip hop fans throughout many cities and states. "Vibe With Me" you will always hear those words before the beat drops. 2016 FL Loud revealed his live talent and unique showmanship with performances in Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Guam, London and Texas. Currently under the management of Impress Entertainment's Impress Records, FL looks to expand his unique sound World Wide and give the Hip Hop culture something new to trend to. 

"Yeah we what? Yeah we L.O.U.D."